Why You Should Never Drive while Drowsy

You are probably aware of the risks of drunk and distracted driving, but do you know the danger you and your passengers are in when you drive drowsy? In today’s bustling society, drowsy driving is becoming a major problem on U.S. roadways.

How Does a Collision Avoidance System Work?

Safety features on vehicles have made significant strides in the last decade or so. From forward- and rear-mounted cameras to radar and automatic braking systems, collision avoidance technology has evolved to decrease the odds of accidents occurring while on the road.

6 Benefits of a Lane Departure Camera

Numerous vehicle safety systems involve cameras. In some systems, they provide a visual of areas that may be more difficult to see, such as blind spots under the rear windshield when backing up.

How to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Every September, studies show the number of car accidents spike involving teenage drivers.  Most of these accidents occur not because teenaged drivers are irresponsible, but simply because they are inexperienced.