How To Overcome The Fear & Danger of Driving in Winter Conditions

While even the most well seasoned drivers become uncomfortable driving in the winter frosts, rains, and snows, the problem is especially challenging for seniors. Unfortunately, irregular road conditions too often result in seniors simply staying off the road when the weather gets rough. For most, this is a serious issue, one resulting in a major decrease in independence and mobility.

While most seniors try to minimize their time spent on the road, this limited freedom can quickly become a terribly inconvenient, although very real, reality.  But it is a simple truth that as your age increases, so does your risk of being injured or killed in a car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2016 report stated that there are around 30 million folks 65 and older who possess valid driver’s licenses, making up a whopping 15% of all licensed drivers nationwide.

Car in Heavy Snowing

While this may not seem like a big deal, the report went on to state that there were around six thousand people 65 and older killed in automobile accidents the same year. This is 14% of all individuals killed in all automobile accidents. These facts are compounded by the reality that the baby boomer generation has begun to enter their senior years, resulting in an influx of drivers 65 and over on the road.

During a car to car crash, the older of those involved are the ones more likely to be hit or injured than a younger person. This may be due to factors such as overall slower driving speeds, nodding off, or drifting into traffic. With all these frightening facts and figures, personal and social lives often take a series hit during the winter months in attempts to stay off the road.

 “Because not everyone has the eyesight or reflexes of a 20-year-old, this definitely comes in handy, especially when driving conditions aren’t that clear.”

But in my venture to keep my freedom on the road during the winter months, I began to seek advice. While some told me to buy a new car which usually comes with built-in radar and camera warning systems, I wasn’t satisfied. I simply wasn’t ready to hand in my beloved Dodge.

So if you are among the ones affected by wintery road conditions, there are simple steps you can take to ease the fear, and help ensure your road safety.

Recent tech advents have introduced the world to some of the best new safe driving system out there. While these safe driving systems are frequently built into the more recent cars, a brand new car might not be a suitable solution for everyone. For those of you attached to their current cars, there is a simple solution. The best of these simple solutions? SDS technology.


Complete with built-in radar and camera warning systems, SDS technology is installed by a qualified technician without any fuss in most models of cars. SDS uses cutting-edge radar and camera technology to constantly scan and monitor the road around you, making sure you’re always a safe distance from cars. Because not everyone has the eyesight or reflexes of a 20-year-old, this definitely comes in handy, especially when driving conditions aren’t that clear.

SDS even lets you know if you begin veering out of your lane, quickly alerting you to a ‘lane departure’. Using audio and visual notifications, the Safe Drive System alerts you of any impending danger. This is especially useful for those icy days when skidding into another lane is of real concern.

So winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your mobility needs to be limited also. Come on winter! Bring it on! The SDS system is paving your road to a safer driving experience!

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