Beyond a standard

Large Fitted Touchscreen Compatible with Online Apps

Android 8.8” touch screen retrofit with online apps such as Waze, Spotify, and more!

Everything at your fingertips.
Huge Touch Screen
Open Platform - All Features
Integrates with Original Systems

With the Andro 8.8, it’s all there! No more looking down at your phone and away from the road. The Andro 8.8 helps you focus on getting where you need to go, and makes the journey just that much better.

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Why ANDRO 8.8?

Streamline your driving experience with the Andro 8.8

The ANDRO 8.8 includes many upgrades, and enhancement features that aren't included in first and second generation devices. Hot spot and bluetooth enabled, the Andro 8.8 has access to a full library of apps that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Feature Standard 6.5” screen Original 8.8” screen ANDRO 8.8”
Inch Narrow 6.5” screen 8.8” screen 8.8” capacitive touch
Navigations Extra Fee Extra Fee Waze / Google Maps
Touch Screen
(under 2017)

Weather app Extra Fee Extra Fee
Music & radio app Extra Fee Extra Fee Spotify / Satellite radio, etc.
Hot Spot
Other apps
Ready to add to your driving experience?

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