Don't let a preventable accident hurt your  business. Or your bottom line.

When you’re on the road, you’re at risk.

Don’t gamble with higher insurance premiums and potential lawsuits. 

Let Safe Drive Solutions equip your existing vehicles with affordable advanced radar camera and anti-collision telematics technologies.

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Even the most attentive drivers can get caught off-guard.

From fatigue, to chatty passengers, to loud music and cell phones…everyday distractions can become catastrophic for even your most attentive drivers. 

Safe Drive Systems can be your second set of eyes.

Our forward collision and lane departure warning systems will alert your drivers when safety hazards are imminent, giving them time to correct their driving before it’s too late.

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With Radar Anti-Collision Telematic Systems, companies can:

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Reduce the financial risks associated with an accident.

Avoid delays caused by accidents and keep on schedule.

Increase efficiency by leveraging technology.

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Best-in-class features at a small business price tag.

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Advanced forward collision and lane departure warning

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Detection distance of 460 feet – the longest available

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Works in all weather conditions, rain or shine, day or night

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Includes convenient home or office delivery and professional installation

Computer screen and mobile devices scan for safety

Alerts and reports in "Real Time"

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Comes with a 12-month warranty

“Best after-market device around along with the best price.” - Robert, New Jersey

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With over thousands of systems sold, we’re ready to make your fleet safer and more profitable.

“The RD-140 anti-collision device paired with SDS's fleet management tools has significantly impacted the performance and behavior of my drivers. It has provided me viable insight in "real time" that has allowed me to closely manage my assets resulting in vehicle related reduction costs for my business. My drivers have become more aware while behind the wheel which has prevented not only damage to my vehicles but more importantly injury to themselves and others. Thank you Safe Drive Systems.”

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